We create amazing  lead-generating websites for Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents, and small mom-and-pop shops.

With any of our affordable Google or Yahoo! Advertising Packages, get your own FREE lead generation website. We create a custom web site based on your agency needs, including the choice of quotes (Example: Auto, Home, Renters, Motorcycle, Life) – all leads go exclusively to the email contacts you request.

Auto, Home, Renters…Life & more.

We’ll create a quote system for whichever target group you prefer.


 There are no long-term commitments

Go month to month – let us prove ourselves with amazing results!  You’ll be amazed at the level of performance we’ve been achieving with Agents just like yourself.

✓ Our web sites average 40% conversion

Over 40% of traffic that is sent to your web site converts to leads. This is above industry standards and proves our program success.

✓ Agents are averaging a MUCH higher closing percentage

That are based on our leads because they are YOUR own leads. Compare that to other lead-generation farming web sites that resale the same leads 8-10+ times.



Mix & Match the Quote forms you require…